Homemade Roselle Syrup

Three month ago, I posted cheesecake recipe with roselle as one of the ingredient. And I love the cheesecake with a little sour taste combine with mascarpone. Recently, my mother's garden harvested roselle again, and it's a big harvest. I've made promise in my post before that I will share my mother 's sweeten roselle recipe. From this sweeten recipe, this time we will make roselle syrup that will refresh your summer.

This rossele syrup is very easy to make and you just need two ingredients. The natural color from this petals is amazing, red almost maroon. It taste sour and sweet at the same time, but if you don't like sour, add a little bit more sugar from this recipe.
For 1 bottle syrup

Ingredients :
500 g roselle petals, remove the seeds
500 g granulated sugar

Instruction :
1. After remove the roselle's seeds, wash the petals thoroughly and then drain the petals
2. In a large bowl, stir the petals and sugar gently until the petals produce liquid
3. Heat the mixture in a pan, keep stir until the liquid thicken or until boil about 15 minutes.
4. Seperate the liquid from the petals store in refrigerate. Add ice cubes to serves

Note : You can make roselle jam with the same recipe, only blend the petals and then heat again with the liquid until the mixture reaches the right jam consistency.


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