Wandering through the islands : Lemukutan and Randayan Islands

Lemukutan and Randayan islands are located on the Natuna Sea. Administratively the island are in Bengkayang District Area, West Kalimantan (Borneo). But based on distance the islands are near with my city, Singkawang. It tooks only about 2 hours by boat to reach the islands. I don't know why it tooks me years to go to the islands. I was surprised that paradise is just at my backyard. It's truly hidden paradise.
Two hours at boat don't worry about you're getting bored. There are beautiful view all the way to the islands. If it fish season, you will see Bagan in the middle of the sea. Bagan is a bait-fishing platform commonly found in Indonesia and neighbouring South East Asia countries. This fishing method targets small pelagic species that are sold fresh  or sun dried for secondary edible products. From far away the bagans just look like robots standing in the sea, so beautiful. Picture above and below are Bagans.

Arrived at Lemukutan island, I just can't believe with the view, The blue sea and sky were just amazing. The water was transparent, you can see the coral on the seabed. But suddenly the sky became cloudy and it shows another beautifulness. I was so happy can capture the picture below, layers of island and cloudy sky above. 

Unfortunately cloudy and rain it means no sunset, a moment that I always chase when I travel. But the next morning, I woke up very early, waiting for sunrise. I don't want to miss this moment. The sunrise surely didn't disappoint me, it was one of the most beautiful sunrise I've ever seen. Pastel skies over the sea, layer of layer blue islands with the bagans as little ornament, it just so magical morning.

No words for the underwater view. Snorkeling is a must to do if you go to the islands. I was so happy that the underwater is still natural. The snorkeling guide warned us not to touch the corals while snorkeling. Well we found Nemo by the way. Cutie little creature, they are amazing. Hopefully this environmental friendly tourism keep the natural underwater life protected. 

About 30 minutes by boat from Lemukutan island, we arrived at Randayan island. This island is smaller. Just need one hours to walk around the island. This island is a haven for fisherman while waiting for their Bagan. I met some fishermen here, mostly they were take a rest for a night in this island. You can buy fresh fish from them and grilled the fish at night on the beach. Must come back here again one day.


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