Morning From Bromo

First time when I had an idea to start a blog is that I want to share about my wanderings, my trips and places that I've visited. Then my sister came up with brilliant idea about sharing our homemade food, since we eat and cook a lot. So I thought why not combine the idea, homemade food and little wandering. It sounds nice to me. But for 9 month since I posted my first post I never post anything about this 'little wandering' thing, until now, at last!!
Morning from Bromo is actually my trip from 2013 with my college friends. Because  we're still students at that time so we planned a trip with very minimum budget and backpacker style was the choice. It was quite challenging because some of my friends had never experienced this before. Slept in waiting room at train station, slept in tent at altitude of 2.770 meter with temperature minus degree Celcius, very challenging for us. But all the freezing moments paid off when the sun ready to rise with mountains and highlands view in front of our eyes. That was the most beautiful morning I've ever seen.
Mount Bromo is an active volcano in East Java, Indonesia. The volcano is a part of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, as you can see in first photo, there are three mountains line up together beautifully in this National Park. I think mountains in this National Park is the most photographed mountain in Indonesia. Seen a lot of this beautiful place in Instagram.

As the sun went higher, the weather became more friendly, a little bit warmer. The haze started to disappear and amazingly shows the beauty of this place in another form. I felt like in another planet with dust, wind, barren land and surrounded by mountains. A place definitely you must visit if you travel to Indonesia.


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