Pumpkin Mud Cake / Kue Lumpur

As I promise in my Instagram that I will share my mom's pumpkin mud cake soon. Now, at last I manage to finish to write this. Since I'm not a good storyteller, I hope the photos can talks instead.
These pumpkin mud cake is from my mom's old recipes. She usually make these cuties for orders from her friends. This cake is favorite among my mother's friends for any events. I really love to eat this cake with afternoon tea.
Pumpkin and coconut milk is always delicious combination for me. This combination gives creamy, soft, moist and I really love the flavors. I only add raisin on this cake just to looks pretty, I don't want to add any kind of topping cause the cake itself is already delicious.

Serves : 30 mini mud cake

Ingredients :
5 eggs
300 cc coconut milk
150 g all purpose flour
150 g granulated sugar
700 g pumpkin
1/2 tsp salt to taste
A cup of raisins for garnish

1. Cut the pumpkin into squares then steamed the pumpkin
2. Put the pumpkin and coconut milk in a blender or food processor and process until smooth
3. Beat eggs and sugar until combined well then pour the pumpkin mixture, beat again gently
4. Add flour and salt gradually until the mixture combined well
5. Pour the mixture into mold, bake for 30 minutes in medium heat (175 C).
6. Remove from the mold when the mud cake cool enough then garnish with raisins.


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