The Simplest Avocado Ice Cream

After a long time I'am so glad at last  I've manage to write again. It's always been so hard to start to write, still a struggle for me. This ice cream was made weeks ago, I even said "the recipe is coming soon' on Instagram, but it never coming....until weeks later. Sorry for that.
This ice cream recipe is the simplest recipe from other ice cream recipe I've ever made. My sister do her thing by trying this and that with the recipes. And I really love this one..not too soft and I like a little bit rough texture of the ice cream.
But...if you see the photos you maybe thought that the ice cream texture is soft. Well this is what happens when you live in an area where the temperatures normally around 30 degrees Celcius and you stubbornly insist to photographing outdoor, the ice cream just perfectly melted in seconds. I can't help it and too tired to set another set up. So here it is, not too happy with the photos result, but I love the recipe and the most important thing is it,s simple to make.

Serves : 40 -50 

Ingredients :
2 large avocado, remove the seeds
500 ml ice water
385 g condensed milk
100 g milk powder
1 tbsp shortening

Instructions :
1. Whisk all ingredient in a large bowl for 20 minutes until soft
2. Put the ice cream in freezer overnight
3. If you like softer texture, whisk once again before serve.
4. Thats it, done!


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