Pudding Madonna Cake

At last this little red one is up on the blog..Yeayyyyy!!!! It's been a hectic month for me this march, being an engineer that works with so many people is really consume my time. There's not much time to be creative with styling and editing or to improve my photography skill as my goals for this year. Lucky me, I have Mom and Sister that always be creative with idea. About a month ago we sit together in the kitchen and remembering old days, my childhood days. Remembering the foods, cakes or snacks that we ate when we were child. Until we remembering about this cake, that we always ate at my late auntie house. She always served this cake at family gathering. I remember she always said this cake is Madonna cake. Well I don't know the reason. Maybe at that time Madonna is really well-known world wide even in a small town like our town. But it is a beautiful  name for a cake, isn't it?

When I was a child, every time I ate this cake, it feels so fancy and deluxe. But actually this cake is layers of cake and pudding. There are different texture from every bite, from delicate cake to soft foamy pudding and hard pudding. This cake is nice to serve cold.

Serve : 10 

Ingredients :
a. 7 egg yolks, at room temperature
    5 egg whites, at room temperature
    150 g fine granulated sugar
    125 g melted butter
    125 g flour
    1 tsp vanilla
    1/2 tsp cream of tar tar
b. 7 g plain agar agar powder (1 Pack)
    250 ml water
    3 egg whites
    60 g sugar 
    1 tsp vanilla
    125 gr condensed milk
c. 7 g plain agar agar powder (1 Pack)
    750 ml water
    125 g sugar
    1 tbsp mocha essence

Instructions :
a. Beat egg yolks, sugar until very pale and fluffy. Set aside. In another bowl, beat egg whites and cream of tar tar until stiff peaks form. Add flour and vanilla gradually. Last add melted butter and combine well the batter. Pour the batter in a baking pan, bake in medium heat (180 C) for 20 minutes.
b. Beat eggs whites until stiff peaks form. Cook agar agar, water, sugar, condensed milk vanilla in a saucepan in low heat and bring to boil. Remove from heat, add egg whites and combine well with agar agar mixture. Pour the batter to first layer (cake layer). Don't forget to let the cake layer (a) cool first before pour the second (b) layer. 
c. Cook agar agar, water, sugar, mocha essence in a sauce pan and bring to boil. Remove from heat. Let it cool a little bit before pour the mocha layer to another layer. Let it cool in fridge for 2 hours before serving. 


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